How-to: Request a Game Review Copy as a Gaming Channel / Outlet

If you are running a gaming focused YouTube channel and want to cover newer games, you will have to shell out quite a few dollars. Especially in the beginning, when you won’t see anything remotely close to a mentionable income, buying a game to cover on your channel, might just not be feasible.

Yes, there are plenty of free games released every day, and they can generate a lot of views as well. Finding free games can be tricky and often they are hit and miss, sometimes they create a lot of interest due to them being available for free (see Happy Wheels), but in many cases, a lot of anticipated titles are released on Steam (or other platforms) and you’ll have to buy them. Since new releases don’t have a lot of reviews and can sometimes be misleading, buying them as they release is not only expensive over time, but also risky. The game might be too buggy to cover or just not interesting enough for you.

You can find a link to the developers homepage on the Steam store page.

You can find a link to the developers homepage on the Steam store page.

This is where receiving review copies comes in. Requesting review copies or keys is common practice and the best way to discover and cover a broad range of games; especially smaller indie developers are very thankful if you play or review their title since it provides them with exposure, which is getting harder and harder to get. So how do you get in touch with these developers? You write them a mail, usually to their designated press mail address. They are available on their websites, which is often linked on the Steam store page. If the developer doesn’t have a website or a way to contact them, you should see if they have a publisher and contact them. Getting in touch with a publisher and building a relationship with them will open up more opportunities in the future.

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Limit Upload Speed in Google Chrome for individual websites (without plugins)

If you are regularly uploading huge files with Chrome (like YouTube videos), you will be able to relate: Once the upload is active, the rest of your browsing experience becomes sluggish and barely usable. Because the YouTube uploader like many other online services, don’t integrate a way to throttle your upload. With this little guide, you can limit Upload Speed in Chrome for individual websites without having to use plugins or third party software.

If you are using Chrome, there is a hidden, but powerful tool for developers, which allows them to throttle speeds, to test websites under different conditions. With these tools, you can limit the upload to any speed for a single open tab. Reducing the upload speed by just a bit, you won’t have to wait for the upload to be done, to be able to surf the web without wanting to bang your head on the keyboard, due to slow speeds.

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Let’s talk about security … A short guide to being more safe on the web

Talking about digital/online security is an afterthought for most people, to some, it even seems annoying. “Why would anyone hack me?”, “I don’t have anything important on my computer.”, “I have a super safe password; nobody will ever guess that.”, “I don’t open suspicious attachments, and I am careful, what could happen?” and many other thoughts, make us put security on the backburner until it is too late. Once data is stolen, and accounts are compromised, the average user starts to take security a bit more serious, but you shouldn’t let it come to this.

Being compromised or getting hacked can have serious long-term consequences, that can affect your life in all regards – especially if your livelihood depends on it. If you are planning to generate any income on the internet or rely heavily on the web, you should not shrug your shoulders and take these tips seriously. Breached security can end your career, and all it takes is a crack in your security. Continue reading

Sennheiser PC 373D Gaming Headset Giveaway

It’s been a few weeks, since I did a hardware review on the WeaselZone, but Sennheiser sent me their new gaming headset free of charge to give it a spin! I just can’t say no to headsets!

The Sennheiser PC373D is Sennheiser’s new Flagship headset for PC gaming and is the successor of the PC363D but is the 250$ price point justified? Here are my thoughts (and a microphone sample) in my newest YouTube hardware review:

Since I don’t have a use for an USB headset (I am using an audio interface), I am giving away the PC 373D by Sennheiser. Enter the giveaway / raffle below:

If you win, I will send you an email to get your shipping address and mail you the package (anywhere in the world). Good luck!

‘Ghost Sonar’ for Android & iOS

Since I have a bit of history with app development and am usually bad at only doing one thing, I have been developing my third app in my spare time, when I am not recording videos: Ghost Sonar for Android and iOS

Ghost Sonar

Ghost Sonar is a Ghost Hunting Tool for professionals and beginners alike and will help you detect anomalies in your environment!

Ghost Sonar uses a variety of sensors in your phone or tablet to interpret your environment. Anomalies are detected and interpreted through the available sensors in your phone, EVP signals are being interpreted through amplifying the underlying signals that are being picked up by your devices microphone.

I kind of have a knack for novelty entertainment apps, I don’t know what makes me come back to them. One of these days, I should really make a silly little game or at least participate in Ludum Dare again! Until then: Let’s hunt some ghosts!

Steelseries Siberia 350 Gaming Headset + Steam Keys Giveaway

Some of you might have watched my recent unboxing and quick review of the Steelseries Siberia 350 Gaming Headset. If not, you can watch my video here:

Now about the Giveaway, you probably came for: I would love to celebrate the soon-to-be-hit 300.000 YouTube subscriber milestone with a giveaway of the headset and some keys for Steam games, including keys for Squad, Vermintide and other cool games!

You can enter the giveaway below. You can get tickets, based on your actions: Tweeting about this giveaway will give you the most (4 tickets), but you can enter by just visiting my Facebook page!

The giveaway is over, thanks for participating!

P.S.: I will be giving away a few more keys during my Twitch live streams during this week and I hope to see you guys there!

Tea Toucan: The blog for the tea connoisseur and who wants to become one!

I am more of a coffee person, but I do enjoy a good tea here and there – especially in this cold time of year. Nothing quite like a roasted almond tea to warm you up! If you enjoy tea, want to learn more about tea or just enjoy pretty photos of tea, Lauren’s new blog Tea Toucan might be just the blog for you!

Tea T

Lauren mixes up her posts on Tea Toucan about tea and her findings, with beautiful photos and illustrations, that will calm you down, even without a cup of tea!