Camera Kaleidoscope for Android & iOS

Hey! I have been dabbling in making apps again and whipped up a first version of Camera Kaleidoscope for Android and iOS!

IconAndroidFull Camera Kaleidoscope for Android & iOS” target=”_blank”>iOS creates beautiful displays of art by mirroring parts of your camera image in certain angles. You can create an incredible beautiful kaleidoscope painting with just your camera,your environment and your creativity in seconds! It uses simple geometric shapes and maps the camera as a texture to it to avoid using hardware intensive shaders!


– 11 beautiful kaleidoscope modes, more to come with every update
– Simple and elegant UI
– Switch between your front and rear camera
– Take Screenshots and save them to your gallery, to share them with your friends

Check out some of the screenshots Lauren took with it. It is a fun little time killer and I am sure great entertainment for kids 😀

Camera Kaleidoscope Screenshot Camera Kaleidoscope Screenshot Camera Kaleidoscope Screenshot Camera Kaleidoscope Screenshot

Since this app requires a lot of processing power, you might experience lower frame rates on older phones. I am continually trying to improve this app. If you have ideas or suggestions, make sure to leave a review with them in it! 🙂

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  1. I had no idea you’re a programmer as well as being a great gamer.

    Just goes to show how little one know about people and what they do from only watching interesting and funny YouTube videos.

    I’ll borrow one of my kids Samsung phones to try this nifty app of yours out .

    I’m a WP user myself just for the sake of being different. (and I’m a Saab enthusiast) And yes, WP Denim is a really fast OS. Hmm Who’d have thunk Microsoft could make a fast OS that does not require the latest Qualcomm processor, the latest GPU and several Gb of RAM to be fast.

    Thanks for your great Youtube uploads. Please tell us more about your programming!

    Freundliche grüße aus Uppsala-Schweden/ Tom Ryner

    Ps. My mom lives in Bethesda MD Ds.

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