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Let’s talk about security … A short guide to being more safe on the web

Talking about digital/online security is an afterthought for most people, to some, it even seems annoying. “Why would anyone hack me?”, “I don’t have anything important on my computer.”, “I have a super safe password; nobody will ever guess that.”, “I don’t open suspicious attachments, and I am careful, what could happen?” and many other thoughts, make us put security on the backburner until it is too late. Once data is stolen, and accounts are compromised, the average user starts to take security a bit more serious, but you shouldn’t let it come to this.

Being compromised or getting hacked can have serious long-term consequences, that can affect your life in all regards – especially if your livelihood depends on it. If you are planning to generate any income on the internet or rely heavily on the web, you should not shrug your shoulders and take these tips seriously. Breached security can end your career, and all it takes is a crack in your security. Continue reading