Game Guru – The Easy Game Maker?

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Not too long ago, I was contacted by the developer The Game Creators, to check out their engine GameGuru. It is available on Steam for ~20$. After some initial fun with it on my stream, I figured I would give it a closer look and do a quick introduction / first impression video on the engine. As a game developer with experience, I can not be considered an absolute beginner, so I have other standards. I tried to stay as open-minded as possible, with an absolute beginner as the end user in mind.

Note: GameGuru is an early access title on Steam, so updates over time, might resolve issues I might have encountered with the engine.

I also wanted to leave a few additional words here on my blog, for anyone seeking more information.

GameGuru states to be the easiest and most enjoyable game creator out there. I will have to say, that you will be able to create game quickly IF you accept a few limitations.

  • You will only be able to build first person games. There is no easy way to switch to another perspective or control style, if at all.
  • Indoor levels can only be created with pre-made parts.* If you want anything kind of geometry, you will have to build that in a 3d modeling program and import it into the game. If you have no experience with the creation of games, chances are, you won’t be able to do that as well.
  • The editor allows editing only top down, which makes placement of items, enemies and geometry tricky. Sometimes you can’t see what you create with the terrain tool until you are in the game. You can make changes to the game while you play it, this feels very finicky and impractical. I would love to be able to tilt the editor camera. I assume it has been left out to keep it very straightforward and less prone to problems.
  • You won’t be able to easily edit standard behaviours of your character*, those of enemies or certain events in the game; this will require to work with the LUA system in the background and at that point I feel you can as well learn to work with other (free) engines like Unity or GameSalad.
  • The performance is bad. I run a pretty might right and as soon as I encounter 10-20 enemies at the same time, and my system slows down drastically. For most use cases with this engine, this won’t be an issue; I am just pointing it out.

I think that this engine is a fun little tool to play around with for kids or someone that is thoroughly intimidated by the thought of writing a line of script or code and that can work with these limitations that I listed above.

* Since GameGuru is currently in Early Access, many of the features that are planned are not available yet. It might be worth, checking out this tool later down the line with the following additions made to it:


  • Character creator – personalise your game characters using this simple creation tool
  • Construction Kit – the ability to easily create building structures for your games
  • Improved AI & gaming techniques
  • Enhanced explosions and particle effects inc fire/smoke
  • Under water swimming and effects
  • Lazer weapons for Sci-Fi games, Spells for Fantasy games
  • HUD systems; compass tool, map, inventory
  • Melee attack & other combat & interaction game choices
  • Extra characters and game assets”



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  1. No, it isn’t only a top down angle. You can right click and hold the mouse to move the camera angle. Now, with the new EBE (easy building editor) you can place walls, doors and ceilings and stairs and more in a grid. This is why GameGuru is my favourite game engine.

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