‘Ghost Hunting Tools’ for Android & iOS

While creating lots of fresh content for my YouTube channel, I have been working on a small app with Unity3D in my remaining free time: Ghost Hunting Tools for Android and iOS!

Detect and hunt ghosts and spirits with EMF meters and EVP detection: Ghost Hunting Tools makes use of a variety of sensors in your phone and gives your easy-to-use access to EMF meters and EVP detectors to detect and hunt ghost and spirits. The included EVP analysis with the over 1000 words strong dictionary analyzes to captured EVPs and in combination with the sensors for the EMF meter and other environmental reads, it will approximate the meaning and select the closest corresponding meaning.

It is more of a novelty entertainment app and I hope can send some shivers down your spine or creep out your friends! Download it now for free for Android or and iOS!


  1. Hi,
    I would like to talk to you regarding your Ghost Hunting Apps. It works.

    Do NOT laugh. It does work and I wanted to let you know and discuss it further with you.


    1. Does it ever show more than one word at a time. This is stuff that I keep seeing “before time” “bring her” “go away” “need it” “oh god” “feed them” “bring it” “can you” “hide now” “find her””bring him” “we are” and “head stone”. I also have seen “apocalypse” before.

        1. Met a ghost demon or something on your app. On 12/31/2017 at 7am thought it was fake but then my walls started getting banged on and windows amongst other things. Do you have ppl msg as ghosts and if so can u see us through our phone? To get info.

      1. Hi there….it has told me most of those same things before….even apocalypse. It does work though because it has said some pretty good things in relation to me and other things. It has said up to three words at a time. I call my dog My Baby all the time and it said it.

  2. my moms boyfriend came out of his room and it went all red and when he opened the back door to go smoke it said halt. when he came back in it said hide now. the kitchen light also turned itself on and when I tuned it off it would not turn back on for about 30 mins.

  3. if this app really works.. it freaks me out to see words like “judge” and “hell” , “pastor” , “bible”, “crossover” “joined” “shepherd” “coarse” “bury”… seriously it scares me… lol

      1. Same here my app also vibrate, signal emf all red, & than says – find me, need it, cremate, near you, that too much sccaery

        1. When mine vibrated the other night it said notice me and then the next night our back door flew open after locking it two different times along with banging on washer and dryer

        2. Yes im looking into it and put it on in my bedroom that i just moved into and it said disembodied…clap…design…so and cleansing. So im getting sage asap!

  4. Hi I am part of a paranormal investigation team and studying parapsychology, used this on several hunts and just to let u know IT WORKS!!!!
    Is there any chance of you making it so u can record the evp?even if it was an upgrade that had a small fee?

    1. Also is there some instructions I can have a read of please as I would like to know more about the app…what the 3 types of emf is that u use and what it means when it vibrates when the emf hits red?

    2. Du screen recorder app or any other one. I really wish the developer would say there are pre recorded voices. I we played this app for 45 minutes. ( I have it recorded) it was fun. When I told the the kids to say food by we all did….. So did the voice on this thing. There has to be a Mike control words that trigger responses. This app. It so real and accurate…. For my sanity lol I NEED to know .

      Enjoy your hunting everyone.

      This app is nuts.

  5. I’m also very sold on this app and consider it as much a part of my ghost hunting kit as an EMF meter and a digital recorder. I have it installed on my phone as a convenient tool I always have on me and also on my tablet for use when I’m in an investigation. I find that responses are consistent on multiple visits to the same site which is what sold me. I’ve also found that the EVP responses become more focused as communication with a spirit develops.

    Since I like to document everything I can when I investigate, I’d like to see a bigger buffer for the EVP responses. I have a tendency to forget to export them while I’m investigating before they start rolling off the list. My fault, really, but not having to worry about it as much would be convenient.

    1. Have you recorded the sound that comes before the word that is shown on the screen? It is almost always different. One time I asked what they wanted and the screen said “demand” but the recorded eco said “your blood”. I am kinda hoping it’s a matrixing of some sort because I intend to keep my blood where it is lol

  6. I would love to be able to rotate my screen with this app. It’s my only issue because I actually bought it, and can’t get to the word limit stuff.

  7. I live in a 150 year old house. I’ve been using this app for a while because I was getting strange feelings. It has given me intelligent answers. A really scary thing is I felt something touch my knee, I jumped and the thing said jumped. That really freaked me out. I don’t really think this is fake, I thought so at first. I think using it too much can kick up the activity in you’re home if you’re using it like me. I’m seeing shadows which scare my cats and I’m being touched. I want to say also I’m a sober person 100% of the time. I want to keep using the app, but I also don’t want to increase the activity in my home. Not sure curiosity is always a good thing.

    1. Same experience and was bugging me all day had a dream of the demon then next day I got on it said if i remember the dream it was in. Haven’t been on since

  8. This app works..! I was sitting the other day thinking out loud about what i was going to do with the car since i don’t drive and the name ” George” came up..George is one of my husbands friends that wanted the car after my husband passed in February of this year…today i was talking to my husbands spirit through the app and “dead” came up then”crosssed over” and. “February”…”design” (a new shirt i had on with a design)..at the bus stop “card”..my bus pass was in my hand..and much more

  9. When i first got this app one of the first things that came up was a sentence”are you okay”…my husband passed in February this year and he was always worried about me . This was something he would have said

  10. Hi, I have had the app about a week. It asked me to text the site. I thought it was probably fake at first. The first thing I got was near my sink but I moved to a twisted tree in my yard. A girl named “Kate” said “you are found” which I thought was quite clever considering I was hunting. There was something moving around my trampoline so it took a minute to focus on it. It directed me next to my lamp which is one of the places we see the cats play with invisible things on the wall. I got a lot of info there. The next day the entity by the trampoline directed me to the cellar but it said its name was “Sydney” which is the name of my ex’s daughter who passed from SIDS at 6 months. She responded with more excitement to things she liked and did not change her energy to things that did not matter. When her dad came and we told him, he did not want to deal with it so he walked away. She said, “punished” it went on like that. Later I got an entity who identified himself as William . He said “say first”. I said, you are William the first? He said, “Europe” I asked why he was here and he said, “tool” as if he came because I had the tool to hear him. They tell me names, where they are, and give me indications that they know what is going on. One said, “afraid of you.” Even though I have gotten “get out twice, I simply say that I am happy to share my space as long as they are nice abut if not that they will have to leave because I have paid for the home and the property belongs to me, the living owner now. I prayed for them in case any needed that Peace. I think the vibrate means there is a huge amount of energy around it, its very important to them. I would like more info abt how each feature works, the ability to take a pic of the room at the time of emf recording, a way to keep the app going in the background as I am doing other things and an alert for when I need to upload the word bank and clear it. I think the upload should include all words since last upload not just the 10 on the screen.


    1. I had the same experience the entity started banging on my walls and shaking my tree. Also had alot of my family members names. Do u have ppl look up our info through email or do have access through our camera phones

  11. I got audio of growling, crying baby and a frantic voice saying something like fire . Is this rigged/ fooling friends app or are the results legitimate?

  12. I have no understanding this is my favorite app and it continues to give me a error message saying the processor is not working can u please let me know what to do to fix it or how i can download the full version

  13. i work a 3rd shift in an oldr building had this app 2 mths now and have picked up alot would like to know where i can send the history (export list) am very curious as to what is going on.i only work 3 nights a week and do this every night so i have quite a few any help would be greatly appreciated

  14. Is this app meant to speak out to you? Had a terrifying experience of actually hearing a voice tell me to leave which didn’t sound like it came from the phone and I am trying to research. Bit of a back story – it is a well known fact that a lady passed away in the very spot I was standing in. Bu when I sent friends back to try without me nothing happened.

  15. i watch alot of ghost hunting shows and very interested in it and always believed in ghosts and aliens..i got this app thought it would be stupid, well it picked up spirits and i started asking questions, one of the first ones i asked was could they say my name, then it spelled out christopher , which is my name, and all questions i asked most i didnt get uunderstanding words, but was several questions i asked and it actually answered them right so i really do believe this app works….5 times it was as strong signal as it could get and i asked if it was so close it was touching me it said it was touching me on my neck each time i got cold chills all over…one time it told me i was sitting down, which i was in my pc chair, another instance i had my light off like i do at night playing on my pc, it told me it was dark, another time it told me that they were sitting on my bed beside me, i asked who was in room with me it named mckensie, adam, grace, a reverand, tristan,and couple more names, was couple more instances like that, my trailer when sitting in my bedroom i have seen many times or thought i seen a female walk by my door really fast, have seen that many times over the last couple years, and like when someone walks up on you and it scares you by suprise where you jump, that happens everytime i see that figure goes by my door, see them more and more now…late at night you can hear various people voices talking like they sitting beside you and no one in the house…i have had a few friends hear the voices also and a couple to hear and see things too…so its no just me..

  16. Hi Sven,

    Just updated the Ghost app pro version. Now the export list feature will not work. I have IPhone 5s. I use the export feature all the time. Please help.


  17. This app keeps closing. It won’t run even just closes when executed. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, same conclusion. What’s up?

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