‘Ghost Sonar’ for Android & iOS

Since I have a bit of history with app development and am usually bad at only doing one thing, I have been developing my third app in my spare time, when I am not recording videos: Ghost Sonar for Android and iOS

Ghost Sonar

Ghost Sonar is a Ghost Hunting Tool for professionals and beginners alike and will help you detect anomalies in your environment!

Ghost Sonar uses a variety of sensors in your phone or tablet to interpret your environment. Anomalies are detected and interpreted through the available sensors in your phone, EVP signals are being interpreted through amplifying the underlying signals that are being picked up by your devices microphone.

I kind of have a knack for novelty entertainment apps, I don’t know what makes me come back to them. One of these days, I should really make a silly little game or at least participate in Ludum Dare again! Until then: Let’s hunt some ghosts!


  1. I just downloaded, and there’s no instructions, or explanation, as to what, means what, and how to use. As I watched the blobs morphing, I do know spirits do this, but how does one know for sure it’s spirits, not some preprogrammed prank? I mean no disrespect as the other ” ghost hunting tool is real, verified it by historical research, and is true to it’s use. So please fill me in, on operation and meaning. Do love quality of apps by you. Thanks in advance. TODD.

    1. They are anomalies… They may be ghosts, or not… The best way to use an app like this or any other is to use it in tandem with other tools such as a digital camera, digital recorder, and tools like dowsing rods or pendulum… Radar apps really shine for use in getting leads and general locations of paranormal activity…

      1. Ok so ive been thru about most of the anomaly detection apps on google play related to locating or pinging fields yours is by far……… The most interesting. I could email you a few of the recent images i caught on and around the solar eclipse and there are two other occasions where the anomolies confirmed an awareness of the moment and environment, by names processes, and discriptions that a bogus app cannot reproduce. They have even gone so far as to affect my phone by slowing it down and even poweting it completely off at times. I think some dont like being bothered. But in Tennessee on the day of the eclipse at approximately 2:33pm the most interesting contact by far interacted with me . i have documentation picture and signal interpretarions. It was very large. And it spoke about the eclipse and other things for the 20 minutes it hung around. I would like to request a list of the sensors and thier symbols if possible. And an update or upgrade to the app and any personal suggestion of other simular apps by you. Thank you sir. This app definantly works i use it in my research often. Its proven real.

        1. I’ve had a lot of interactions myself, the difference is, I’m scared, loll. I’ve also had words come up on Weasels other app, Ghost Hunting Tools, I believe. I just broke my phone, so don’t have access right now. On that one, a word came up to tell me exactly what my roommate was doing in another room. It freaked me out so much, I haven’t turned it on since. I am temporarily staying at a hotel, and a few years ago the staff and guys from Ghost Hunters stayed here, as they were in the area to do an investigation locally. They mentioned there was just as much activity here as there was at the locality of their investigation! Once I went outside at 3am to have a cigarette, and as soon as I turned it on, it read “Why are you out here all alone?” I turned it off immediately, although it seemed friendly. Another time I was outside and it starting making an echoing sounds through my phone. I said out loud “I didn’t hear what you said. Maybe the ant will hear you”. I was really trying to see if the ant would be discombobulated by the sonar sound, (silly, I know, lol) I held it over the ant and followed it around with my phone for a minute. Then my friend pulled up, and I turned it off, Hours later, I went to read the data ( I have the paid version, not sure if the free version has this feature) There are lots of letters with words you have to make out. I had a full sentence that read “You lied, you heard me. Now your fxxking around with bugz!) Omg! So scary. The thing that creeps me out more than anything is, I’ve had data that said it was a “gray alien”, “I’m a gray” “I’m an alien” another said “I’m an alien child” Has anybody else had that experience? Weasel, are you aware of this? I don’t know what to think about this! I can forward, if you’ve never seen that before. I can’t access my phone right now, but I have some data logs saved to One Drive, I can look in there to see if I have any saved in there that say that about being an alien. The rest are saved to the Quick Memo feature on my phone. That scares me more than anything! If you are located in Md, I am not far from you, if you would consider staying at this hotel for a day or two.

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