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How-to: Write better descriptions for your YouTube videos

This article is part of my ongoing YouTube Articles and Guides series.

Getting discovered and watched is one of the most difficult things about doing YouTube, and it is often what fellow content creators struggle with the most. Having good content alone is not going to be enough, you will have to keep in mind how people are going to find your videos in a sea of ever-growing content.

To be discovered and watched on YouTube, the average content creator has 4 tools at his or her disposal:

The title, description, tags and thumbnail.

This post will focus on descriptions, seeing that they often are the most ignored part of the equation. I see a lot of fellow YouTubers not take their descriptions seriously enough and missing out on potential traffic and views.

Unless you are already established and have a strong fan-following, these tools will also be the only ways to let people find you and (hopefully) become subscribers in the process. So let’s find out how to use descriptions to your advantage!

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