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Gamify your tasks?

This blog post was supposed to be online yesterday, but the internet gods decided to punish my excessive browsing of cat pictures and video games instead of acquiring knowledge on the web.

I figured I would talk about the tool, which has helped me to keep my focus in the last few days. I am getting more things done, and I feel more accomplished at the end of the day – subsequently, it boosts my mood and my output. I don’t know what you call the opposite of a downward spiral in a figurative sense, but I will just go with an upwards spiral.

HabitRPG is the website that tries to gamify your life by representing you as a character on its glorious quest to defeat monsters, level up and do what you do in other RPG games. Customization and guilds included. Instead of actual fighting, you tackle tasks or daily habits!

I have always been intrigued by an idea like that, but have no encountered a version of that concept that could keep me engaged more than a few hours. The app looked excellent and well designed with beautiful graphics, but was lacking when it came to functionality.

Habit RPG does a great job with offering useful features, without providing too many ways to plan too much about every aspect of your task. The concept is simple: You create tasks, habits and daily activities that you want to accomplish and for every finished task, you get XP, Gold and every once in a while an item. Gold can be used to buy better equipment (or yourself a reward). And it does this well without focusing too much on some pseudo-gameplay or incredibly fancy graphics – because, in the end, you use this tool to get things done.

HabitRPG is free to use but offers a subscription service, that provides an otherwise unobtainable in-game currency, removal of the ads and some other benefits like certain drops. It’s a great way to support the development since it will give you a few extras to customize your little pixel avatar.

If you are working in a team, you can tackle group tasks together and “fight” monsters in unison by completing your team’s tasks. I had no chance to try this, but I could imagine that it can be fun. If you like the idea of accomplishing tasks with like-minded people, the guild system might win you over. You can join a guild that will not only offer contact to like-minded people through the tavern chat but also offer you challenges to complete and potentially inspire you to a healthier lifestyle or any other goal you might want to accomplish.

HabitRPG has mobile support through apps and even if they are not incredibly fancy, they will do the trick and keep your tasks and habits updated on the go.

If this sounds like something that might help you to keep organized and motivated, I would highly suggest just testing it and follow the steps outlined in the ‘tutorial’ at the beginning. To Glory!