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My entry for Ludum Dare 32: Death Cycle – Links & Post Mortem

TL;DR: Check out my game prototype ‘Death Cycle’ here!

It has been a long weekend, but I created a playable prototype under this Ludum Dare’s theme: An Unconventional Weapon!

You know what happens, when you throw items into a running washer? Always wanted to know? Transform this useful household utility into a weapon of destruction!

Get cash for causing chaos and upgrade your washer or buy even more deadly things to throw into the drum!

screenshot1 screenshot3

Let’s do a quick Post Mortem, shall we?

This time I might have took on a bit more than I could chew, but in the end I was able to create a playable prototype; I wasn’t able to bring the prototype to the polished state that I would have seen it, but I am quite proud of what I have achieved in the little time I had available.

I have not worked with Unity 5 (or Unity’s new UI system that was introduced in 4.6) prior to this jam and encountered some deprecated functions and some UI behaviors. I still don’t fully understand every aspect of the UI (especially proper scaling of UI elements over different resolutions), but I learned a lot and I think I should be able to figure out the rest soon.

This time I also opted for plenty of sleep and a bit of social interaction during the weekend, instead of burning myself out. You have to allocate a whole weekend for it and if you burn yourself out, you will be pretty much useless on Monday or even more days, depending on how little sleep you got. I had to catch up with some work today, so I am glad I did not overdo it.

Taking a more relaxed approach somewhat forced me to go into overdrive on Sunday, leading to very sloppy code that would make myself shudder, if I was to take a look at it right now. I still streamed for the most part and enjoyed that. Thanks again to everyone who came by and tested builds for me!

Overall have worked roughly 18-20 hours on this prototype and if I would have committed more time to it, I definitely would have been able to polish the game a bit more.

What did I learn this time?

  • Focus on the key parts first. No really, don’t do too much cutsie stuff , before the prototype isn’t running. I know it is tempting to create a cute tophat for your washing machine, but maybe make sure that the game is having all the features it needs first.
  • Creating the 3D low poly assets and the artwork for the game was much faster (and more fun) than I anticipated. If you are willing to let mistakes go and just go with a not-perfect asset, you can create a lot of content in a short amount of time. A quick & dirty look can be fine, as long as it is consistent.
  • I really, really enjoy game development and I am gaining a footing with C# and Unity 5.
  • Make a detailed to-do list. List all the assets you will need and then work through them. You might think, this will just waste time, but if you have a to-do list to work through, you will less likely be distracted by another task or forget something.
  • Coming up with fun ideas before the compo started (see below), helped me to get into the mood, but also alleviated the stress of a “What if they pick a theme, I have no ideas for?”-scenario and gave me some time to get started with the game right away. After last time, where I had a total mental block, this really took the edge off.

screenshot4 screenshot2

I will definitely try to participate in the next Ludum Dare in August and I look forward to the other participant’s games! (Check out ZanzLanz’s entry! It’s awesome!)

You can download the game or play the web version off it on the

Ludum Dare entry page

I also condensed 20 hours of me streaming and working on my Ludum Dare entry into a 10 minute video! Check out ZanzLanz, if you enjoy the music!