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Ludum Dare 32 coming up: Theme Voting Finale!

This weekend I will be (hopefully) participating on the Ludum Dare 32 – the 48 hour game jam / competition with thousands of participants! I always get a little giddy when it comes to this time, and I enjoy participating in it and just finishing up a small prototype in this limited timeframe.

Currently the Finale Round Theme Voting is running and this is my first chance I got to look at some of the contesting themes and I will try to brainstorm a few ideas… Last time I waited until the topic was announced to come up with an idea, but had a total mental block and gave up midway. I will sit down tomorrow and try to come up with a few specific ideas, preparing myself for the weekend!

If you guys are interested, here are my previous Ludum Dare entries:


  • Planetary Marriage Counseling in August 2014 with the theme “Connected Worlds” ranked #40 out of 2538 entries.

30802-shot0.jpg-eq-900-500 (1)

  • Me & My Metal Detector in April 2014 with the theme “Beneath The Surface” ranked #157 out of 2496 entries.

Just like the last two times, I will be on my Twitch Stream the whole time and answer questions and let my viewers playtest early versions (if possible!), so make sure to say hi!

Update: If you are curious how it went on Ludum Dare 32, go ahead and check out my post about my entry ‘Death Cycle‘,¬†which includes a Timelapse and a Post Mortem!