YouTube Tip: Set as official series for this playlist

YouTube is surprisingly good at sneaking in features, without telling anyone. One of these, that I stumbled upon a few weeks ago is the new Series playlists feature that you can enable for your playlist. It is a great feature, that will help you retain viewers and make it easier for them to find your content. This comes especially handy for my gaming series and I am sure you will be able to make use of it as well. I have seen many creators, not setting up their playlists like this yet; probably because they don’t realize this feature exists.

What does ‘Series Playlist‘ mean? Let’s say a viewer finds your series on YouTube through the search (not the playlist) and starts watching the video. Before ‘Series Playlist‘ was a thing, you had to make sure to present follow up episodes to the user in one way or the other, because you could not always rely on YouTube to automatically suggest the next part in the suggestions on the left side.

If your next part does not get suggested or you offer your viewer another way to find the next part in the series, chances are, the viewer will just click the next interesting thing and not follow your series (unless he really is into it, but then he will have to search for it).

What you had to do before that, was to make sure there is a link in the description to the next part and / or you have an annotation linking to the next part in the video itself. Alternatively adding a playlist to the description did the trick too, although not as convenient. I still recommend doing those things, but now you can increase the odds, your viewer follows along the series!

To enable this feature for your playlist, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your playlist that you wish to edit and click the “Playlist settings” button below the title

playlist settings

  • In the little pop up window, check the option ‘Set as official series for this playlist’ and then hit save.

set official

You are done! Yes, that was all – you enabled the awesome functionality of that feature! Now when a user finds your video, YouTube will add the next part in the series above all suggestions with the note “Up Next” and automatically play the next part, if the user has this option enabled via the slider.

up next

There are a few requirements that you need to meet:

  • You must have a verified account in order to use series playlists. Verifying just requires a phone and you should do this anyway to get the full potential out of YouTube!
  • A video cannot appear in more than one series playlist. So make sure to not have several playlists with the same videos and set them all as official.
  • Only videos uploaded by you and that you have the rights to can be added to a series playlist.

I hope this tip helps! It will certainly make it easier for your viewers to follow along the series and hopefully make them watch more of your videos!

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